Responding to Facebook Birthday Wishes

Every year it happens. I fret and over analyze how I should acknowledge all the kind birthday wishes people leave on my Facebook wall. Like any good Google dependent Gen-Xer, I searched to see how much thought others had given the topic. The best I found in my shallow, lazy search was a Gizmodo article: How to Respond to Facebook Birthday Wishes.

The blanket “thanks” is quick and easy, but prefer something more personable that each friend will see.

I like the idea of posting a photo, but if you don’t have any pictures from you birthday that won’t work.

Giving a “Like” to each comment individually seems popular. Its practical but that’s a lot of liking, and how does that come across? Lazy, cliche response?

I attempted to add a wall post and tag each person who sent a birthday wish by name, but apparently Facebook allows only a small number of tags (8 to 10, I think; spam prevention?).

So, I’m  stumped. I’m grateful for all the kind posts, but I’m not sure the best way to acknowledge each one.

What do you suggest?

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2 Responses to Responding to Facebook Birthday Wishes

  1. My brother and I were discussing this just last week–I go for the blanket approach, he goes the personal touch. Like my Ma says, “Do what you can, when you can.”

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