Just Replace the Toilet Paper Roll. All the way!

Found commonly in the restrooms at my home is this:  a new, full roll of toilet paper sitting atop a spent toilet paper cardboard roll still in the holder. I’ve not caught the roll-replacer adverse in the act; I’m convinced there are multiple offenders in the household.

I guess I can understand. After all, a lot of effort was made to actually reach for and take hold of the new roll, so why would you want to spend the additional 7.8 seconds removing the cardboard roll and replacing it with a new roll? That’s 7.8 seconds! Seven point eight seconds you’ll never get back.

How do you know it takes just 7.8 seconds, you ask? Oh, well, I’ve recorded this short video to demonstrate (yes, it’s set to music – Easily Replaced, by The Vandas).


Just replace the toilet paper roll. All…the..way!

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4 Responses to Just Replace the Toilet Paper Roll. All the way!

  1. Jen says:

    I’m laughing so hard that you made a video. Classic.

  2. “the roll-replacer adverse” –This needs to be used in everday language, everywhere. Great post!

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