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I Switched from Android to iOS

I had been an Android user for four years. Here’s my summary of the difference between the three Android devices I’ve used and the iPhone 5s I began using recently: The iPhone works way better. I was worried I would … Continue reading

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Pocket Squares – February Package from Put This On

A few pictures from the February shipment of Put This On pocket squares. Two more fine squares for the collection.

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Starbucks, Land’s End, and Nordstrom

Three of my favorite kinds of e-mails: Starbucks Rewards, Land’s End sale, shipment notification from Nordstrom.

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The J. Peterman Company

This gallery contains 5 photos.

My first article of clothing from The J. Peterman Company. Wait, you didn’t know The J. Peterman Company was more than a reference in the hit T.V. series Seinfeld? Yeah, it is. Here are pictures of my new vintage long … Continue reading

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Cool Land’s End Survey

Check out this cool survey Land’s End put together. Great questions!

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My First Pocket Square from the Put This On Gentlemen’s Association

In October I became a member of The Gentlemen’s Association, a service offered by the men’s style blog Put This On. As a member, I receive a hand-made, high quality pocket square on an every-other-month basis. Today I received my first … Continue reading

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In-room Ironing for Guests: A Guide for Hotels

Normally I enjoy ironing. Minimal attention is required, enough to avoid burning one’s self or the garment, making it an ideal activity for deep thought. Yet I dread ironing in hotel rooms. It’s as if hotels sought out a consultant … Continue reading

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Just Replace the Toilet Paper Roll. All the way!

Found commonly in the restrooms at my home is this:  a new, full roll of toilet paper sitting atop a spent toilet paper cardboard roll still in the holder. I’ve not caught the roll-replacer adverse in the act; I’m convinced there are … Continue reading

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Lacing Dress Shoes Properly

I get excited in an eye-rolling sort of way when I discover means for putting a finer touch on how to dress with style and sophistication. Today I discovered a method for lacing dress shoes that gives an classier look … Continue reading

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Words I’ve Been Dying To Use

Bucolic [byoo- kol -ik] adjective Of or suggesting an idyllic rural life. The likelihood of me using this word during the course of typical, day to day conversation is low. So this post is satisfying my itch to notify the … Continue reading

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