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Unboxing Google Wifi

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I Switched from Android to iOS

Here’s my summary of the difference between the three Android devices I’ve used, and the iPhone 5s: The iPhone works way better. I was an Android user for four years.  I was worried I would miss the heavy integration between … Continue reading

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Pocket Squares – February Package from Put This On

A few pictures from the February shipment of Put This On pocket squares. Two more fine squares for the collection.

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Starbucks, Land’s End, and Nordstrom

Three of my favorite kinds of e-mails: Starbucks Rewards, Land’s End sale, shipment notification from Nordstrom.

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The J. Peterman Company

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My first article of clothing from The J. Peterman Company. Wait, you didn’t know The J. Peterman Company was more than a reference in the hit T.V. series Seinfeld? Yeah, it is. Here are pictures of my new vintage long … Continue reading

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Cool Land’s End Survey

Check out this cool survey Land’s End put together. Great questions!

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My First Pocket Square from the Put This On Gentlemen’s Association

In October I became a member of The Gentlemen’s Association, a service offered by the men’s style blog Put This On. As a member, I receive a hand-made, high quality pocket square on an every-other-month basis. Today I received my first … Continue reading

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In-room Ironing for Guests: A Guide for Hotels

Normally I enjoy ironing. Minimal attention is required, enough to avoid burning one’s self or the garment, making it an ideal activity for deep thinking. Yet I dread ironing in hotel rooms. It’s as if hotels sought out a consultant … Continue reading

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Just Replace the Toilet Paper Roll. All the way!

On occasion, I find the following in the restrooms in my home:  a new, full roll of toilet paper sitting atop a spent toilet paper cardboard roll still in the holder.  …Sigh of annoyance. I’ve not caught the roll-replacer adverse in the … Continue reading

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Lacing Dress Shoes Properly

I get excited (in an eye-rolling sort of way) when I discover means for putting a finer touch on how to dress with style and sophistication. Today I discovered a method for lacing dress shoes that gives an classier look … Continue reading

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