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Words I’ve Been Dying To Use

Bucolic [byoo- kol -ik] adjective Of or suggesting an idyllic rural life. The likelihood of me using this word during the course of typical, day to day conversation is low. So this post is satisfying my itch to notify the … Continue reading

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Worst Nickname Story for a City

Spartanburg, South Carolina. Ninety miles northeast of the state’s capital of Columbia. Two hundred miles from Charleston. Nickname: “Sparkle City.” I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Spartanburg, SC over the last few years because the company I work … Continue reading

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I Finally Saw A Christmas Story!

You know that movie that’s been out for a long time, and everyone you know has seen it, except you? For me that movie was A Christmas Story. But, I finally saw it during this past holiday season. And now … Continue reading

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Change Your Weak Password! Or Someone Else Will

Three of the most commonly used passwords are: “123456,” “password,” and “iloveyou?” I logged into Gmail recently and was pleasantly surprised to read this screen pop at the top of the screen: “Thousands of online accounts are hijacked every day. … Continue reading

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Two Random References to the Earth’s Rotation (via the Nerdist Podcast and Phineas & Ferb)

What I’m about to share will likely result in eye rolling. But I couldn’t resist the urge to share. Today I was listening to the Nerdist podcast episode 139. The guest was Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson). During the interview, … Continue reading

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Apple’s Accessibility

Here’s a tweet I sent recently: @scove My mom is blind and an iPhone user. She downloaded iOS5 for her iPhone 4. Said the VoiceOver screen reader is now even better. #applerocks 21 Oct via web So I admit it. When my … Continue reading

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Facebook for Android – Cheesy Infomercial Guy Follow Up

So, after making fun of Facebook for Android by personifying it as a cheesy infomercial guy, Facebook goes and releases a new version. And fixes one of the shortcomings! Inline audience selection is now available, so users don’t have to … Continue reading

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Grannies, Reefs, and Goiter Knots: You’re Probably Tying Your Shoe Wrong

I’m self-taught when it comes to shoe lace tying. I vaguely recall refusing help from my parents as a child, convinced I could figure it out on my own. And I did. Sort of. The knot I learned is the … Continue reading

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Facebook for Android as a Cheesy Infomercial Guy

If Facebook for Android were a cheesy infomercial  guy spinning the app’s news feed shortfalls and lack of inline audience selector as features. Hello, I’m Facebook for Android, and I’d like to tell you about two of my wonderful features. You … Continue reading

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Documentaries – My Internal Dialog

Me, to myself: “Hmmm, Helvetica. How in the world could someone make an 80 minute documentary about a font?” Me, to myself (in response): “Good question. It’s possible  this documentary could be really interesting and full of useless knowledge about … Continue reading

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